South Jersey IoT Hackathon 2019

Announcing South Jersey Regional IoT Hackathon competition for Students and Teachers. As a result, join us, on October 19, 2019, for a hackathon fun-packed day at the Camden Campus of Camden County College.

South Jersey STEM & Innovation Partnership (SJSIP) plans to engage the high school students and high school teachers in the region for an initiative that will be intrinsically motivating, provide opportunities for them to use technological tools to solve problems, and to instill in them some basic skills and an endless passion for future STEM activities.  The activity needs to involve science, technology, engineering, and math, of course.  But it also needs to provide hope, dreams, and the belief in future possibilities for a life that can match the learners’ and educators’ definition of success.

Utilizing the framework of the Cisco IoT Hackathon Playbook, SJSIP will host teams of students and teachers and supported by industry mentors; and the participants will be presented with a theme from which participants will select problems of their chosen to solve.  The problem must be relevant and exciting to these learners, yet simple enough that one day’s work provides a solution that leaves participants feeling stretched in conjunction with a sense of real accomplishment.  In addition, participants will also be charged to think about the opportunity that the solution (prototype) could provide from an entrepreneurial mindset.

The hackathons will include presentations by each of the teams in a "shark tank" style, and prizes will be awarded based on set criteria to include creativity, innovation, feasibility, and teamwork.